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City Water Main

Most homeowners never think about their city water main - until there is a problem. In most New Hampshire municipalities, it is the homeowner who owns and maintains the pipes from the curb stop all the way to the house. That means if there is a leak anywhere in that area it is your responsibility as the homeowner to fix it.

At Select Excavation, we can replace the entire water main with one of two methods. We will either trench an entire new line from the shut off to the house, or in some scenarios we are able to use a special tool and pull a new line through the existing line. The pull method will save time and money as well as minimizing damage to your yard. 

Private Well Water Line

We are well water line experts. If you have a private well with a water leak somewhere on the exterior of your home or commercial building, we trench and run a new line from the well all the way to the home or building.

In some scenarios it is beneficial to use a special tool and pull the new line through the existing line. This method uses minimal digging, saving you both time and money, and keeps a smaller footprint, minimizing impact on your property. 

If there is an issue with the well itself or inside the house, we will work with a NH licensed plumber to make sure you have your water up and running as fast as possible. 

City Septic Line Replacement 

If you live in an area where your sewer is run out to a city main instead of a septic system, those old lines tend to fail in many different ways. At Select Excavation, we have the ability to locate the exact issue. Whether it is a belly in the pipe or potential tree root infiltration, we can quickly and easily identify the problem. We then identify and implement the best possible plan to remedy the issue. 

There are times that the entire line will need to be replaced. At other times, a spot repair can remedy your sewer line problem. For internal line problems we will work along side a NH licensed plumber to quickly resolve your problem.

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