Septic System Installation, Septic Repairs & Replacement

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Septic System Installation

If you plan on buying land and building your dream home, a big part of that project is the installation of the septic system.

Once you have a set of state-approved plans, we can install your septic system. We can install virtually any type of septic system. From Enviro systems, to stone and pipes, to Chamber and Elgen, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to do the job right.

The professionals at Select Excavation will order and install your septic tank and plumb the pipe through the foundation wall. From there, a New Hampshire licensed plumber can pick it up when plumbing your home.

Once the system is installed and inspected by the state, we will back fill the field and grade off the yard to your liking.  We are professional, affordable, and will treat your home as if it were our own.  

Why Choose Select Excavation for Your Septic Installation or Septic Repair Needs?

We are a trusted NH septic services and water main installation company. Since 2010, we've been the best septic services provider serving southern NH. We offer water main installations, septic system installation, septic repairs & replacement. 

Experienced Septic Contractor

For over twenty years, we've served hundreds of septic clients since 2002. Our reputation as one of the top septic companies is unmatched. When you need a septic contractor, experience really matters.  

Lightning Fast Estimates

If you've ever had to wait days (or more) for a services quote, that tells you something about an organization. We'll get you a firm services quote - often within 24 hours.  You have our word on it!

Satisfaction Driven

As well-established, trusted & respected septic services company, we've seen others come and go. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is clear on every septic job we do. 

Septic System Repair

Not all septic systems need to be replaced. If you are having issues with your current septic system, we may be able to repair your existing septic system without having to replace the entire system.

For example, if there is an issue with the line leaving the house to the tank, we can dig up and repair or replace just that line. The inlet and outlet baffles inside the tank also can also cause issues and are an easy and affordable repair.

We can also handle some of the bigger septic system challenges like crushed or damaged distribution boxes. We do this by replacing the box and then re-plumbing the lines leading to the field.

If you've been told that your current septic system is beyond repair, please contact us. We've been able to affordably and effectively repair septic systems and have saved our clients thousands of dollars in the process. 

Septic System Replacement 

Septic systems do not last forever. Depending on the type of system you have they may only last anywhere from fifteen to thirty years.

If your current septic system is failing, we will remove the old system and replace it with a new engineered, town and state approved plan.

Upon completion of the new septic system installation, the field will be installed with minimal damage to surrounding landscape and the altered area will be returned to pre-existing conditions. 

We make sure everything is done exactly to plan and in accordance to the state and town requirements. When finished, we make sure to leave the landscape looking better than when we arrived.

You Can Finance Your Septic System Work.

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